Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Welcome to Total Roleplay Serious RP server network

The premier RP gaming network

Install to Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Addons

See those support options? Please choose one to help us out. Those help us provide you with a quality GMOD role play experience. The support you guys provide will ensure that our servers stay alive and active, help us in adding more to the gaming experience, and benefit our growing server community. Plus they benefit you in game! We understand if you cannot afford it. Thank you for your consideration.

Supporting Players
Steam ID
Please visit using your web browser to pledge your support
 if this page does not work.


Team Role Player: $2
-25,000 in game dollars!
Access to e2 and adv dupe!

Gold User: $5
- You will never be banned
- 60,000 in game dollars!
Access to e2 and adv dupe!

Admin : $15
-Full admin privileges
- You will never be kicked or banned
- 180,000 in game dollars!
-Access to special classes
Access to e2 and adv dupe!

Admin+ : $20
-Full admin privileges 
-You will never be kicked or banned
-1,000,000 in game dollars! 
-Have a class made custom JUST FOR YOU
Access to all tools!

 **when you support us, enter your steam ID when prompted to!
to find out your steam ID, type status in the console 
it should look like this: STEAM_0:0:22594789 ** 

  Rules and server info listed below 

1) Rules

1] Do what the Admins tell you
2] Do not abuse E2, or try to harm the server in any way shape or form. 
2-1] Holograms and E2 holograms are not allowed!
3] Respect your fellow players
4] Racism, Sexism, and other forms of cyber-bullying are not welcome
4-1]If an admin is not on, report offenses to .
5] The usual: No rdming, prop spamming, prop surfing, prop killing or Prop Blocking.
6] You will respect our admins and what they say. 

Follow the rules and have fun! 

2) Our Plea

It is incredibly demanding and time consuming to keep a server network like ours running and up to date. By giving us just a couple bucks, you help us in a huge way. If you support us, you will receive special in game privileges, along with our heartfelt thanks for your support. If you can't make a pledge, we understand. No hard feelings, we love you just the same. So please, if you can, support our servers, so you may continue to enjoy the level of excellence and server quality that you're so accustomed to on the Total Roleplay Gaming Network.

 3) Mission 

I truly want everyone to have fun, and enjoy their Build RP/ Serious RP experience. I realize that RP is dying out on gmod, and it is my pleasure to provide you a server where you can play this great game-mode. I will try to foster a good community, fair admins, and in the future, more servers. I hope you enjoy your time here, whether it is one minute, or one thousand. 

Thank you,

Total RP Administration

To report abuse, bugs, or general inquires, please contact:

Addons: Wire, Wire extras, Wire Money Detector, Fading Doors, PHX, Smart Snap, Easy Precision, Buoyancy, Weight, and many more.

Connection info:

(Customized RP) Serious Rp - Rp_Downtown_v2 feind (NEW)
30 slot:
^ HELP WANTED: (2 admin slots still open!)

Classic Build Rp - Gm_Construct
20 slot:

Custom - Gm_Construct
2 slot dev server (password required):
(Locked dev server)

Custom sandbox build - Gm_Flatgrass
16 slot:

Owners:  Lars , Rick Moranis

*note about payments:

We reserve the right to alter, change, or remove any payment options. Payments are absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE. We only accept paypal payments. Excessive abuse of your privileges may result in temporary or permanent termination of your privileges. Once again, we reserve the right to change everything without notifying or consulting with supporters. Admin+ class creation approval is up to our discretion, we cannot promise we can make the class you want. 

Supporter's List  


 Thank you so much for your support!!